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Sonny Court grew up in Lausanne, Switzerland to the music of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Usher. At the age of 9 he taught himself to sing, dance and pick out melodies on the piano. That’s when he  began to dream of what it would be like to have a career in music.   As a young teen, although he had a great job in manufacturing with the well known Swiss Lottery, he vowed not to give up on his dream and kept working on his music at night.

Simultaneously he built a home studio and began to record his own songs to share with his friends, family and newly acquired fans. After learning some “fly” dance moves and increasing his vocal ability, he was finally confident enough to upload his first videos to YouTube and his  first  songs  to  Itunes.  Since  then  Sonny’s  fan  base  has  grown  into  the  hundreds  of thousands  and  from  the  looks  of  things  has  no  signs  of  slowing  down.  His  pop-driven melodies, influenced by urban rhythms are geared to get you moving both physically and emotionally. The  term “radio, hip hop influenced, pop” may best describe the type of sound that Sonny delivers to his core audience.

Loyal to his primary language of French, the English speaking artist says he most often uses his native language when trying to smooth over the ladies. Europe may be the continent, but “International may  best describe the  scope of my music” says Sonny.  Like many of his predecessors, Sonny eventually hopes to conquer America.

In late 2013,  coming off of  a #4 record on the Music Week / UK Billboard Urban Club Charts with his song “Passcode” and a 2nd charting  single “All In You”  on Italy’s most successful indie  Time Records,  Sonny visited L.A. to support newly released female fan favorite “Shine”. His brief stint in America included several mall performances and script readings for noted Hollywood casting directors. Sonny is currently being courted by one of the largest production companies in France to join their hit reality TV series.

Sonny Court’s music can be heard on  radio airwaves in France, Australia, Germany, the U.K., Switzerland, Italy, the U.S., ASIA,  the list goes on.  Not to be overlooked Sonny’s diversity also shines on his self produced exercise video.  The frequently watched video is currently approaching 3 million views on You Tube. Plans for a 2nd fitness video have recently been confirmed and  is scheduled to be released later this year via the Ingrooves / Universal music, video and film division.

As Sonny Court’s star continues to rise, spring of 2014 he released his highly anticipated debut album, “On The Top Of My World”. The album was well received and Sonny has since been featured on influential industry sites such as MTV UK, The Vice Network’s Pardon My Blog and America’s However the height of fan-mania really hit hard when he appeared on the front page of one of Switzerland’s most respected publications, the “20 Minutes” newspaper. Featuring on the cover of such an important media outlet symbolized that SONNY had really “made it” becoming the adoration of  his supporting countrymen.

Capitalizing  on the success of the film documentary “I’m A Stripper”, which contains 3 of his songs, Sonny released an EDM EP  of the same name.  The project has since become a dance floor staple with songs being  supported by the likes of world renown DJ Steve Aoki. “You never fail to impress me with your creativity” says the film’s director Charlie David.

Offers for endorsements and TV appearances continue to roll in as Sonny begins preparation to record his 2nd album and eventually hit the road in support. “I’m really excited about engaging my growing legions of fans” says Sonny Court.  He’s currently in talks with a few major players and remains the focus of many DJ’s and producers seeking out collaborations. The only question is will he continue the remain independent or will one of the newly interested majors step in and ink the multifaceted artist.

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